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Noel Gyger Weekly Fishing Reports

Northwest Fishing Guides has been guiding slutroulette guests in "first class" professional style, from around the world, for approximately 13 years. Both conventional and fly fishermen welcome on Streamate.com. We are licenced to guide approximately 30 rivers, lakes and streams in northwest British Columbia for Steelhead, five species of Salmon plus local Trout and Dolly Varden Char. We guide mainly on the Skeena river and its tributaries, Nass river and its tributaries and the Kitimat river. We also guide Saltwater for Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Snapper and Crab out of Prince Rupert. Ask about our live webcam girls combination packages. We have five 19 foot drift-boats, three jet-drive river boats and one ocean vessel.

Our non-smoking Free Webcams lodge is located approximately seven miles from downtown Terrace, B.C. in a quiet rural area, on Kalum Lake Road, near the Kalum River but not on it. It has seven bedrooms and three full bathrooms, two lounge areas, dining room, two patios, live cams and slide photo room, fly-tying table, drying room, pool table and tackle shop stocked with basic tackle. Daily maid service is provided for all the rooms. Our meals equal the best restaurants and we will honor any special diet. The lodge can accommodate up to 12 guests. The walls are decorated with fishing memorabilia, fishing photos (large and small) and over 30 different fiberglass fish reproduction mounts. A coffee table supports numerous photo albums. There are "general" photo albums (mixed species and times of year) and then there are ones that are specific to each river that is guided, a table that displays Internet information (web page and articles), digital photos and weekly fishing reports and a binder containing magazine articles that have been written about our fishing and guiding, so far about 20 and counting.

The angling guides have their own photo album which they call "book of honors". Each season, the angling guide takes at least 200 to 500 photos of his guests' fish. He then selects the top 24 photos and puts them in his album. Through the season, as he develops each roll of film, he edits out photos that are in the album for better ones and by the end of the season he has his "top" 24 photos that make up his "book of honors".Something remarkable too is the opportunity to use the Sex Roulette.

Average size Chinook: Skeena river 40 pounds, Kitimat river 30 pounds and Kalum river 30 pounds. World record Chinook Salmon caught in the Skeena river weighed 92.2 pounds, Kalum river 85 pounds and Kitimat river 74 pounds. Coho Salmon average 10 - 12 pounds, but in the fall you can hook them in the 20-25-pound range. We call these fish "northerns" with the "BIG" northern "hook" nose. Steelhead average 12-14 pounds with some weighing more than 20-25 pounds.

Chinook Salmon 83 - pounds
Coho Salmon 27 - pounds
Steelhead 32 - pounds

Fabulous River Fishing in the Terrace area Year-Round!!

The fishing season is approximately 8 months, from March 15 to November 15, although we guide on certain rivers in the winter months for Steelhead. The following "mini" diary breaks it down month by month:

MARCH - We guide the Kalum river March 15 for "wild" Steelhead on a private five mile drift that has 22 pools, most of which are excellent for the fly rod. We use drift-boats on the upper five miles and guide the lower five miles with jet-boats. There are no hatchery Steelhead in the whole Skeena system. These fish have been holding there all winter. This river also has a winter and spring run of Steelhead.
APRIL - Same as above but add the Kitimat and Skeena rivers PLUS isolated coastal rivers. Also, Chinook salmon start coming into the Kalum river in early April.
MAY - The Chinook salmon are throughout the Skeena and Kalum rivers. Depending on the size of the run and river conditions, angling for these "monsters" can be fantastic! Steelhead are still plentiful. Both Chinook and Steelhead can be caught on the same day.
JUNE - The spring snow "run-off" is at its maximum making it difficult to angle due to the possible poor water conditions, usually high and dirty. However, the Kitimat river, not being part of the Skeena drainage system, can be fishable for Chinook with some excellent results. Even a few late Steelhead may be taken. Usually, by the middle of June, we can fish the Kitimat river with a very good success rate. OCEAN FISHING IS PRIME IN JUNE!
JULY - This is "prime time" for "giant" Chinook salmon on all four rivers and Chum salmon on the Kitimat river. At this time we guide the Skeena, Kitimat and Kalum rivers.

AUGUST - Chinook salmon fishing continues, but mainly catch and release. Fresh Coho and Pink salmon start coming up the Skeena and Kitimat rivers. Gleaming silver "summer-run" Steelhead are in the Skeena river. These fish are fresh and full of energy and it is common to hook Steelhead that weigh in the 20 - 30 pound range.
SEPTEMBER - "Summer-run", Steelheading is very strong. The main runs of "northern" Coho salmon are now entering the river and can give you quite a "tackle straining" experience. Nothing but fresh fish are the norm for this month. The Coho salmon can weigh up to 25 pounds, but average 15 pounds. This month is also very special because fly-fishing begins for Steelhead and Coho. Trout and Dolly Varden are also plentiful at this time.
OCTOBER - This is "prime time" for the Steelhead in Copper river and "blow-out" Coho fishing on the Skeena tributaries. Steelhead are also available in the Cranberry and Meziadin rivers.
NOVEMBER - We guide on the Kalum river until October 15. If the Copper river is clear it is "prime time" for Steelhead on the fly. Coho salmon are still available for the first week in November on the Skeena tributaries but most fish are dark.

Videos For Sale!!!

Northwest Fishing Guides has been featured on John Barrett's "Flyfishing the World" series with two shows that will air on ESPN and all over the world. Show one had celebrity guest Lee Horsley (actor) and show two had Steve Abel (Abel Reels and Quality Products). We have also been featured on "Fishing the West" with Larry Schoenborn and TSN's "Canadian Sportfishing" (four shows in total) with Italo Labignan and Henry Waszczuk. We produce and market our own "feature presentation" videos. At present you can order separate (spin tackle) "SEASON REVIEWS" beginning 1987 through 1995 (nine seasons), or flyfishing only or ocean fishing tapes:
-REVIEW (spin tackle)'87 thru '95 Playing Time 2 HOURS each - Cost $25.00 each
-FLYFISHING ONLY Playing Time Approx. I HOUR - Cost $25.00 each
-OCEAN FISHING Playing Time Approx. I HOUR - Cost $25.00 each

VHS tapes in the Canadian NTSC recording system only. Prices include taxes, shipping and handling. They are a must see! ORDER YOURS TODAY! Visa, MasterCard accepted.

The best advertising that you can have is when a satisfied guest tells his friends what a fantastic trip he had. I love answering the telephone and hear the person on the other end saying that we are "highly recommended" by one of our previous guests. That tells me that we must be doing something right. Also, what is very satisfying is that many of our guests return year after year, sometimes twice a year.
The "bottom line" to have a very successful fishing trip is a good run of fish, proper timing of the runs, good river and weather conditions. Unfortunately, we cannot control these conditions, but we do control everything else. We will do our very best to ensure that you have a great fishing trip, regardless of conditions. Each fishing trip is more that just a "Vacation". We sell adventure! With our personal attention, we hope you come as a guest, leave as a friend and return many times!

It's truly the supreme angling experience!

For booking, more information or a free brochure, call, write, e-mail, or fax anytime.

Phone/Fax: (250) 635-5295

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